Cheryl L. Hrudka is an award-winning photographer and digital artist based in Arizona, USA. She has been a professional photographer for more than 30 years.

In 2009, Cheryl and her partner, Stan Johnson, forged a new path from traditional photography by exploring the virtually unlimited non-representational possibilities offered by digital software. The evolution of this digital media has allowed Cheryl numerous possibilities which she has fully embraced. Workshops and actual field experience have further enhanced her vision and accessories such as a drawing tablet allow her to draw and further manipulate an image.

Cheryl focuses on the journey. There are no maps. While at times she has an idea where she is going with an image, she truly does not know the end result until she gets there. Her main goal is to allow viewers to become intimate with her images and to make their interpretations of what they are seeing a personal journey of their own.

Cheryl has been featured and won awards in both online and bricks and mortar art exhibitions including numerous top awards in exhibitions on the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery and Fusion Art websites.

Cheryl also won an Artist Spotlight Solo Art Exhibition on the Fusion Art main website in January 2023.

Cheryl L. Hrudka Artist Biography

Cheryl has always been interested in Abstracts and has continued to hone her techniques for the past 25 years. Currently, she is a ‘textural constructivist’. Her images allow the viewer to question, and decide for themselves, her artistic intention. In other words, Cheryl’s images now pose more questions than answers.  Each viewer brings his or her own psychological insight to the subsequent interpretation. While trying to challenge, Cheryl never threatens the viewer's conclusions, but respects and allows them to prosper. Cheryl’s images are at once geometric and dimorphic. In their mutability, they mimic our dreams, they mimic our lives.

Cheryl L. Hrudka Artist Statement

“My work is personal, poetic and lyrical.   Emphasis is given to form, texture and color.  Each field, the figure and the ground, is meticulously arranged for maximum effect. It is my goal to elicit a familiar and pronounced mood in each of my viewers."

Visit Cheryl at the below links to learn more about her, her art and to buy an artwork from her.

An Altered View Website Recent Developments Website HJ Gallery


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