Denise Bohart Brown

Denise Bohart Brown is an award-winning artist and photographer currently based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA. Her kiln-fired glass creations cover a range from residential-sized wall and tabletop sculptures down to smaller gift-sized pieces. No matter the size, each and every creation is hand-cut and pieced together.

Since childhood, Denise has been seeing the world with her own unique vision:  noting the lines of objects, the particular way a shadow fell, the hidden textures of the world. After several years in advertising photography, she found it came second to her spirit’s need to find expression through art.

She explored clay and fabric extensively, but in 2005, when she moved to Steamboat Springs with her husband and year-old daughter, it was kiln-formed glass that would become her focus. The following year she helped found the Artists’ Gallery of Steamboat, and finally she had a place to showcase her evolving artwork.

Since then, her work has grown through varying styles and color palettes, through traditional glass platters and bowls to her current focus on glass as pure aesthetic:  fine art for tabletop or wall, creations that can truly be termed glass sculpture.

Denise won Best in Show in Fusion Art’s 5th Annual Lines, Shapes & Objects Art Exhibition in June 2023.

Denise Bohart Brown Artist Biography

Growing up as an only child on an eastern Colorado cattle ranch afforded Denise Bohart Brown a lot of opportunities for imaginary and creative exploration. She is a lifelong artist with a degree in photography, but it is her work in kiln-fired glass that has been her main focus since 2001. Her contemporary glass wall and tabletop sculptures have a feeling of movement and flow, and while often abstract, are largely inspired by the natural world and by the elements of fire, air, earth and water.

Denise Bohart Brown Artist Statement

While often abstract in nature, my kiln-formed glass sculpture is still very much based on an image that is fleeting and ephemeral – a singular moment in time that, if you look again a second later, will be gone. Capturing that unique time marks that singular moment as something to be cherished. I draw inspiration from nature in general, and often from my home in the snowy Colorado mountains: the rivers, trees, waterfalls, and meadows that are all within minutes of my home.

Visit Denise at the below links to learn more about her, her art and to buy an artwork from her.

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