Diamante Lavendar is an award-winning, inspirational author and artist based in the Midwest, USA. She creates art highlighting spirituality and the human condition. She uses art as a medium as “food for thought” regarding the issues of life, and the human reaction to those issues, with a strong emphasis on spirituality.  

Diamante’s favorite creations are her mixed media pieces which include some or all of the following:  digital art, photography, fractal art and painting.  She feels she more easily expresses her ideas through these mixed media avenues. She also works in acrylic and colored pencils.

Her work has been in over ninety online and “brick and mortar” galleries worldwide and she has received numerous awards for her work.

Diamante Lavendar Artist Biography

Diamante Lavendar lives in the Midwest US. Her art is created in regard to the themes of spirituality and the human condition. Diamante’s work has been shown in numerous online and “brick and mortar” exhibitions and has been awarded in many of those shows. She has also been recognized in the American Art Awards for six consecutive years in a row (2017-2022) and her work has been published in numerous magazines.

Diamante Lavendar Artist Statement

I enjoy working with mixed media digital creations that include some or all of the following: photography, fractals, paintings, drawings, and digital art. My work explores the themes of spirituality, humanity, and how we, as humans, are dependent upon as well as inspired by the natural world. I am also very focused on color, shapes, and lines in my work and the intuitive feeling or value they lend to each art piece.

Visit Diamante at the below links to learn more about her, her art and to buy or commission an artwork from her.

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