Elena Ansaloni is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning, self-taught artist.  She is based in Turin, Italy and her artistic journey began in high school. It was there she discovered her passion for drawing animals.

After a detour as an electronic engineer, Elena’s passion was rekindled when she found old drawings in a drawer. Elena’s favorite subjects are animals, specifically cats and dogs, although she does also draw human subjects. Of primary importance to her is that she captures something living, with a soul, on her paper. She starts with the eyes as knowing how to capture the expression is the way she begins to draw.

Elena’s media choice is graphite pencil, sanguine and coloured pencils. This type of technique allows her to work on chiaroscuro and shading. She creates the effect of depth by intensifying the line in the points that interest her. This is necessary to show shadows and light in depth, and how the light reflects on the surface of the textures.

One of Elena’s favorite quotes is by the painter, draughtsman, engineer, scientist, theorist, sculptor and architect, Leonardo Da Vinci:

“Even the smallest of felines, the cat, is a masterpiece of nature”

Elena Ansaloni Artist Biography

Elena is an Italy based artist working mainly with colored, sanguine and black and white pencils. Her favorite subjects are portraits both of people and animals. She has been successful in various international competitions, her works having been exposed in various physical and online exhibitions. She is member of UK Coloured Pencil Society, The Society of Feline Artists (S.O.F.A.) and Artists United for Animals.

Elena Ansaloni Artist Statement

I discovered drawing as a girl, and it has become an ever-growing passion and above all a way of expressing myself. My favorite subjects are portraits both of people and animals, especially dogs and cats, wonderful creatures, and true companions in life. The first thing I draw are the eyes, because they transform the white sheet into that living creature that slowly takes shape and seems to observe me.

Visit Elena at the below links to learn more about her, her art and to buy or commission an artwork from her.

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