Gabriele Gracine is an award-winning, self-taught digital artist based in Colorado, USA. Gabriele creates art for the pure joy of the experience and in an attempt to bring the power of beauty to the world.

Using visual language enables Gabriele to articulate the creative, emotional energy that lies just beneath the surface, for which she has no words to express. Her intent, with each realized conception, is to capture the viewer's wonder and imagination with an object of visual poetry that is unique, deeply personal and extends an offer to contemplate the possibility of a new reality.

It was later in life that she started exploring her unrealized talent. Her work can be described as a digital expression of shapes, sizes, colors and textures integrating seamlessly into one design. Gabriele often says, “my images create themselves using me as the medium. The experience is pure delight.”

Gabriele’s work had been juried into numerous international juried art exhibitions. Her art can be found at the Belle of the West Gallery in the eclectic artists’ community of Madrid, New Mexico, 25 miles south of Santa Fe.

Gabriele has been awarded and featured in several Fusion Art online exhibitions. She was awarded Best in Show in the 7th Annual Colorful Abstractions Art Exhibition in November 2021; 2nd Place in the 4th Annual Lines, Shapes & Objects Art Exhibition in July 2022; and was awarded an Artist Spotlight Solo Art Exhibition in September 2021.

Gabriele Gracine Artist Biography

Gabriele spent the majority of her life believing she had no artistic talent. An unexpected twist of fate in her sixties led her to discover a potential talent for digital art. After this life altering event, she spent two years totally immersed in her craft, teaching herself all aspects of the medium and exploring her new found passion. She emerged with the abilities and confidence to present her art to the public. Gabriele's work has been exhibited virtually nationally and internationally. Her images have been selected for numerous awards. She states, "My creative experience is pure delight."

Gabriele Gracine Artist Statement

I am an intuitive artist, exploring my inner awareness by circumventing my conscious mind in order to create directly from my subconscious or unconscious mind. My art is an emotional reflection of my inner landscape. Each image is simultaneously a reflection from my past, a snapshot of the present and a preview of the future waiting to be revealed. Allowing my images to take the lead accesses the power of flexibility, freeing me from expectations and control. Working intuitively invites mystery, surprise and delight to my work.

Visit Gabriele at the below links to learn more about her, her art and to buy or commission an artwork from her.

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