Joe A. Oakes is an award-winning, contemporary American landscape artist based in Southern California, USA. Throughout his life, Joe has always been fascinated by the natural world and how to represent it through drawing and painting. After previous careers as an art teacher, art consultant and graphic designer, he is now a full-time artist.

Joe’s landscape paintings are an explosion of deep, bold and rich colors that evoke feelings the viewer. His landscapes are about the joy of nature and the colors it offers us. He creates pieces that are vibrant and colorful but at the same time, calming. He has experimented with media such as oil, acrylic, pastel and colored pencil but acrylic is his current chosen media.

According to Joe, “each painting is an emotional response to color…  real or imagined but always felt.”

Joe has been featured in several Fusion Art online exhibitions. He was awarded 2nd Place in the 4th Annual Landscapes Art Exhibition in January 2019; 3rd Place in the 5th Annual Landscapes Art Exhibition in January 2020 and was awarded an Artist Spotlight Solo Art Exhibition in May 2020.

In his desire to share something he loves and to inspire others, Joe hosts both online and in-studio workshops in in Southern California. He enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for art with others and helps students to be successful in their own artistic endeavors. Visit his website for more information.

Joe A. Oakes Artist Biography

Joe A. Oakes was a curious and observant child that started drawing at age five. He has been painting full time since 2008, has survived cancer and the loss of a child. He has used these life changing events to propel his art career forward. His landscapes burn with the excitement of bold, bright color and draw on scenes from all over the U.S. but especially the Southwest and California. Oakes’ work offers a new perspective on color and place while offering a meditative sense of calm, happiness and reverence for the land. Oakes resides near Riverside in Southern California.

Joe A. Oakes Artist Statement

My landscapes are about the joy of nature and the colors it offers us. I paint with colors that evoke feelings of the first brilliant seconds of sunrise and the last fiery moments of sunset. Expressing those feelings through the use of bold, vibrant highlights and shadows of violet hues is my signature. I paint tributes to the mountains, fields and trees in the hopes it will slow us down long enough to appreciate them. Every painting is a challenge to examine the colors of our world and reconnect with nature.

 Visit Joe at the below links to learn more about him, his art and to buy or commission an artwork from him.

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