Krista Oremus is an internationally acclaimed, published, award-winning, self-taught artist based in Rochester, New York, USA. Krista’s media of choice is colored pencil and graphite and she specializes in wildlife portraits and abstract works on various types of paper.

At 3 years old, Krista’s parents put a paintbrush in her hand and let her paint the walls in her room. When she was 16 years old, she painted those same walls with a mural of a brightly colored unicorn that is still preserved in the house where she grew up. She stepped away from art years ago, but recently her heart has led her back where she belongs. Now she doesn’t go a day without picking up a pencil to create something even if only a quick sketch or doodle.

Krista’s encounters with endangered species during her travels sparked her passion about conservation. She intentionally creates each wildlife piece to convey awareness that will help bring hope, preservation, peace and love for all creatures. In addition to her wildlife works, Krista recently expanded her subjects to include domestic animals, abstracts, florals, still life and, most recently, carousel horses.

Krista enjoys challenging herself with each piece, choosing subjects with complicated textures or reflections. Her art is created in the traditional color pencil method of the old masters, utilizing only color pencil and paper with burnishing techniques instead of finishing sprays after Krista discovered she could achieve details in vibrant color without having to add solvents or preservatives that also can harm the environment.

Krista has won several awards in Fusion Art’s online exhibitions including Best in Show, 5th Place, Honorable Mention and exhibition finalist awards.

Krista Oremus Artist Biography

Krista Oremus is a self-taught color pencil artist. Her current works include an intriguing series of carousel horses. Her work “Leopard Eye” was published in SAA Paint Magazine in 2019. “Into The Night” won 5th place in Fusion’s juried 6th Annual Artist Choice Art Exhibition in 2021. “Favored Steed” received Best in Show in Fusion’s 7th Annual Artist’s Choice Art Exhibition. “A Knight’s Steed” received 6th place overall and 4th place within its category in Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery’s 11th Annual All Women Art Exhibition. Recently, “A Knight’s Steed” was featured on the cover and published in Ann Kullberg’s CP Hidden Treasures 7.

Krista Oremus Artist Statement

I am a self-taught color pencil and graphite artist. I laid my pencil down for years until around 2018, when I discovered that it brings me joy and immeasurable contentment so I will not ever lay my pencil down again. I am passionate about creating artwork that inspires imagination and creates awareness. Textures bring a real world feel to my art, and the animal eyes I create evoke personal connections and bring a liveliness to my compositions. Currently I am working on a series of carousel horses that I hope will bring back the happy nostalgia of childhood.

Visit Krista at the below links to learn more about her, her art and to buy or commission an artwork from her.

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