Laurie Snow Hein is an internationally acclaimed award-winning artist based in Beach Gardens, Florida, USA.  

She has been creating museum-quality, fine art oil paintings for over 50 years. This collection of coastal and inland Florida landscapes, beautiful beaches, wildlife and waterfowl of the Everglades, tropical botanicals and more captures the beauty of old Florida that Laurie knows so well. It is the subject she is most passionate about and has dedicated her life to capture it on canvas.

Laurie has won numerous awards including Fusion Art’s 9th Annual Leaves & Petals Art Exhibition in September 2021 and Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery’s 11th Annual “Seascapes” Online Art Exhibition in October 2021.

Laurie Snow Hein Artist Biography

Oil painting since the age of eight, Laurie loves creating representational art that shows the beauty of God's creation, especially Florida's Uniqueness.

She attended Columbus College of Art and design but never expected to make a living with art. Her career started suddenly at age 40, from being a time part portrait artist with six children to becoming an illustrator, licensed designer, festival artist, instructor, and her family's sole supporter. Now 30 years later, she has achieved what her parents told her was impossible; Laurie is a successful and acclaimed artist with many collectors and fans worldwide.

Laurie Snow Hein Artist Statement

“I wish to make lasting works of art reaching from my life and heart to others that will make their life and environment as rich and joyful as creating art is for me.”  

For me, it is about the uniqueness of each subject while capturing a particular moment in time with lighting, shadow, and color combinations while creating an emotional or intellectual catalyst for each person viewing the painting. This response is necessary for creating a narrative that makes the viewer want to explore the art, relate to it, and make it their own.

Visit Laurie at the below links to learn more about her, her art and to buy an artwork from her.

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