Lillian Anna Blouin is an award-winning, hyper realistic artist based in Newport Beach, California, USA. Born in North Carolina, she spent her childhood in a number of different states, including Massachusetts and Arizona, before moving to Southern California in 2001.

After receiving a BA in Illustration from Laguna College of Art and Design, she went on and built a successful career as an illustrator. However, after showcasing in several galleries within California, she quickly found much more fulfillment within the fine art community.

Lillian has a unique way of taking ordinary objects and creating surrealistic worlds. A devoted student of hyper-realism Lillian’s unique style of painting seeks to bridge together the worlds of the real and the unreal. Each piece is a surreal exploration of everyday objects with multiple interpretations behind each painting.

Lillian was awarded  1st Place Overall/Best in Show in the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery’s 6th Annual “Patters, Textures & Forms” Online Art Exhibition in October 2022 and received this Featured Artist membership as her award. She also won 5th Place in LST’s “Created in Isolation” Art Exhibition in the Spring/Summer of 2020.

Lillian Anna Blouin Artist Biography

Lillian received her BA in Illustration from Laguna College of Art and Design. After showcasing in several southern California galleries she was inspired to pursue an MFA in painting at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She has been an exhibitor in the internationally acclaimed Festival of the Arts since 2013. Other exhibitions include the LAAA’s National Survey Exhibition in Los Angles and the National Juried Small Works Exhibition in Clifton Springs, NY.

Lillian Anna Blouin Artist Statement

In my artwork I choose to focus on objects, because to me objects can hold an array of symbolism. They can be both personal and impersonal, make a scene both natural and unnatural and represent both a large complex world and a small intimate space.

For example, in my piece, “Disordered Mind”, I use the image of a Rubix Cube to symbolize a mind in turmoil. The mind of the cube has been scrambled, put in disarray, and even broken held together only in the most unstable of ways. This was meant to represent how many people felt after the pandemic, our minds tired and unfocused our plans broken and scrambled.  

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