Lisa Daniels is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning, abstract artist based in Washington State, USA. Art has always been part of Lisa’s life. As an artist, Lisa is inspired by nature and architecture. She creates striking acrylic abstract works on canvas featuring strong geometric lines and bright color palettes.

Lisa’s career working in the Architecture/Structural field has allowed her to combine her love of structure with her love of painting. Her work incorporates linear structure and free-flowing emotion to represent the subject she is visualizing. In her subjects, she shows their beauty, strength and relations to their surroundings.

Lisa’s work is in public and private collections, both nationally and internationally. She works with architects, developers, designers, for both residential and corporate clients, and accepts private commissions. Her work has been published in several magazines and books.

Lisa has won several awards in Fusion Art’s online exhibitions including Best in Show in the 4th Annual Lines, Shapes & Objects Art Exhibition for her painting, “Touched by Midas”.  

Lisa Daniels Artist Biography

At a young age Lisa Daniels was producing drawings for JP Stevens Fabric Company, who used them on some of their products. She studied at Dorothy Cannon’s Art Studio in Studio City, California. She was mentored by several abstract artists including Roy Henry and Mark Petersen taught her about abstract art. Lisa works with Interior Designers for luxury homes, developers and architects doing paintings for their buildings in lobbies, etc. Lisa is also working with set decorators and has work shown on movies and television. She does Corporate art and also commissioned works. 

Lisa Daniels Artist Statement

I consider myself an “Escape Artist” who creates abstracts inspired by subjects of architecture and nature. My style of art varies between geometric shapes, forms and lines or can be free-flowing organic. My abstracts tend to be simplistic in format inspired by colors, textures and subject matter to stir the imagination and create their own vision in what it represents to each viewer.

Entering Fusion Art’s contest helped me realize how subjective art is for everyone. Their competitions have helped me stay focused and appreciate other artists work. The 4th Annual Lines, Shapes & Objects Art Exhibition was the perfect place to show my painting Touched by Midas. The painting, which was inspired by luxury architecture, was perfect for the contest. I am excited to be working with Fusion Art to get more art out to the public! It is important to take a break and view art with an open mind. Their competitions are varied and there is something for everyone to enjoy!

Visit Lisa at the below links to learn more about her, her art and to buy or commission an artwork from her.

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