Nina Antonakes is an award-winning artist based Ontario Canada. Her work tends to revolve around life in all its forms and the whimsical side of the human experience. Dreams, journeys, triumphs, and transformations inspire her - the moments that remind us to appreciate the wonders all around and look beyond the static world.

Many of Nina’s works incorporate organic materials including real flowers, leaves, and bark in combination with traditional mediums such as acrylics, oils, inks, and resins.

Nina is a retired instructional designer developed her hobby of painting into a business, where she now receives numerous sales and commissions. Her hobbies include traveling, golf and theater, and she feels most gratified when she sees someone enjoying her art.

Nina Antonakes Artist Biography

Greek-Canadian artist Nina Antonakes' natural and vivid spaces of terrene and elemental wonders are one of a kind. The artist works with acrylic, mixed media, and other materials to produce these immense vision of pristine beauty. Floral vegetations, rocky elevations, and the palettes of winter, autumn, summer and spring flood her canvases and fuel the impulse to touch and interact with their designs. Her pieces commonly depict the landscapes of Greece and Canada--two places she calls home and are dearest to her identity. Antonakes creates her art with the intent and pureness of reminding people, "life is good".

Nina Antonakes Artist Statement

I strive to capture the beauty that exists in all things through a bold exploration of color, texture, and movement. Creating each piece is an adventure that sparks from a single idea and comes to life as I explore it with my eyes and my fingertips. I am drawn to texture, and my works often incorporate organic materials in combination with traditional mediums. I am moved by bright colors and find that experiencing them lifts my mood and immerses me into an energized space. I aim to embrace change, bestow joy, and always remember that Life is good!

 Visit Nina at the below links to learn more about her, her art and to buy or commission an artwork from her.

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