Rosemary Miklitsch is an internationally acclaimed award-winning photographer based in Santa Monica, California, USA.  

As an introvert, photography is Rosemary’s language of choice. Early on, her photography focused on postcard images of her travels or snapshots of family gatherings.

Now, Rosemary’s desire is to create evocative, compelling images that depict the world as she experiences it – with joy, awe, surprise and humility. She is particularly drawn to landscape and nature photography.

Rosemary's images have published in the Malibu Times Magazine and exhibited in Glasgow, Scotland; Athens, Greece; Chania (Crete), Greece; Halifax, Nova Scotia; Oakville, Ontario; Portland, Oregon; Corsica, France; Sciacca, Sicily; and Santa Monica, California.

Rosemary has won numerous awards including Best in Show in Fusion Art’s Land, Sea & Sky Art Exhibition in January 2024 and Honorable Mention in the 7th Annual Artist’s Choice Art Exhibition in January 2022.

Rosemary Miklitsch Artist Biography

Rosemary Miklitsch is an award-winning amateur photographer.    Rosemary was born in Niagara Falls, NY. Ms. Miklitsch now resides in Santa Monica, California. She has lived in Portugal and Canada and traveled to more than 40 countries around the world. While Rosemary always documented her travels, she began to seriously explore photography 10 years ago. She utilizes color and monochromatic photography to capture the beauty of landscapes, architecture and abstract images. Her image “Polar Vortex” is on permanent display outside the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. She has been published in the Toronto Star and the Malibu Times Magazine. Her work has been exhibited in Greece, Italy, Scotland, Canada, Ireland, and the United States.

Rosemary Miklitsch Artist Statement

I'm a passionate amateur photographer with many interests including travel, art, architecture, design, politics and food. My formal education was interdisciplinary with emphasis on business, culture and global affairs. My photography is equally wide-ranging.  Most of the time, I'm exploring my "new" home of Los Angeles; documenting street art and the ever-changing scenes of urban life. When time permits, I travel seeking out landscapes that inspire my imagination. I'm endlessly curious! From vast expanses to close-up details, I love to capture the beauty and wonder of this world and share it with others.

Visit Rosemary at the below links to learn more about her, her art and to buy an artwork from her.

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