Sarah Andreas is an award-winning artist based in Strasburg, Ohio, USA.  

Sarah’s work is an exploration of the silent yet potent language of art – a language that speaks directly to the soul, conveying messages of transformation, possibilities, and courage.

Her art is not just a display of vibrant colors and textures; it's a visual mantra for those daring to dream big and seeking the courage to forge the life they desire. Each of her creations embodies the concept of beauty emerging from chaos, serving as a beacon of hope and empowerment.

Sarah’s 'Unapologetically Series,' a collection that celebrates the spirit of living boldly and authentically. Designed to resonate with individuals in their empowering journey of self-realization, each piece in this series is a testament to courage, self-love, and the transformative power of embracing one's truth.

Sarah Andreas Artist Biography

Sarah Andreas is a dynamic artist whose works epitomize expressionistic realism, blending emotive vibrancy with lifelike precision. With a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership, her art transcends traditional boundaries, reflecting her scholarly depth and passion for growth. Sarah’s canvases are rich narratives of transformation, celebrated for their soul-stirring qualities and compelling authenticity. As an educator and founder of WISEWOOD LLC, she infuses her leadership acumen into her art, offering pieces that resonate with introspection and the resilience of the human spirit.

Sarah Andreas Artist Statement

In my current body of work, I delve into the lush tapestry of our inner landscapes through expressionistic realism. I paint the resilience and grace of the human spirit as it intertwines with the natural world, my canvas a field where emotional depth blooms amidst flora. Each stroke is a petal in a story of growth, with colors that whisper tales of strength, renewal, and the quiet courage of being. This series is my ode to the beauty of transformation, a visual sonnet to the subtle yet profound dance between nature and self.

Visit Sarah at the below links to learn more about her, her art and to purchase an artwork from her.

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