Tony Podue is an award-winning, self-taught artist based in Southern California USA.

Art has always been a part of Tony’s life, as he used to sit and watch his father paint the scenic and spectacular images of the port of Los Angeles at San Pedro.

Tony’s works have been added to several private collections, included in several publications, and also on permanent display in a California museum. He has received more than 850 Awards in local, national, and international juried shows.   

Tony won Best in Show in Fusion Art’s Land, Sea & Sky Art Exhibition in January 2024 for his work, “Bayou Bling”. 

Tony Podue Artist Biography

Tony is a second-generation artist. He was inspired by his father at the age of five, providing opportunity, by providing paints, brushes, and canvas, and the rest was up to him. He has always shown a strong interest in the arts. Over the years he developed a keen eye and skill, but really came into his own in High School by winning local, national and international competitions. But life, family, and work push art to the back seat for a couple of decades, but the desire to paint still remained. As life changed, Tony’s love for art won out and he returned to honing his craft and has been in his studio, at his easel for the past twenty years with genuine passion. His involvement in the Art community cannot be understated. He serves, or has served as president of five different Southern California art organizations and currently sits on six art clubs board of directors.

Tony Podue Artist Statement

I tend to paint very diverse, interesting and compelling images that focus on the composition, color, and that emphasize the contrasts between darks and lights. I strive to capture these images as they actually are, striving for realism, as this creates the greatest challenge and best reward and satisfaction when achieved. I paint in both acrylics and oils because of the vibrant colors and infinite pallets. I generally love the entire process of art, for image selection to completed works. 

Visit Tony at the below links to learn more about him, his art and to buy an artwork from him.

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