Y. Hope Osborn is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning fine art photographer. She is based in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA.

Hope believes if you are an artist, something in your life proves it, regardless of medium. It is through all of her chosen mediums, primarily photography and digital art, that Hope has experimented with color, composition, and communication.

Through her work, she pushes boundaries to inspire others to fearlessly tell their story or find their creative outlet. It is her desire that viewers find refuge in her art, and feel the kaleidoscope of impact, inspiration, rest, energy, play, delight and comfort every time they find their place in it in the frame of their daily lives. 

Hope has won numerous awards including Best in Show in the Photography & Digital category of Fusion Art’s 6th Annual Colorful Abstractions Art Exhibition for her digitally manipulated photograph, “Cosmos” and 2 Artist Spotlight Solo Art Exhibitions in June 2020 and January 2022.

Y. Hope Osborn Artist Biography

Hope Osborn’s journey as an author and artist began in childhood from a 110mm camera to crafting, drawing, décor, and writing that amazed elementary teachers and, eventually, earned her a 4.0GPA MA in writing. Her sweet spots are photography and abstract art that brings imagination to life with digital photograph abstractions and creative writing about botanica and personal traumas. Her works are published, exhibited, and awarded, solo, group, locally, internationally, online, and off, but she believes being a great author and artist is to be entrusted to express reality and imagination that captivates, inspires, or informs while enriching lives.

Y. Hope Osborn Artist Statement

The outdoors was escape from abusive parents. Plain brown homes drove me to nature’s beauty and colors. I painted window frames sky blue and wove wreaths of faux roses. To this day, I am invigorated, listening to trees rustled by the wind or tending my garden feeling riches between my fingers. In childhood, I began to photograph earth. Now, my passion extends to cultivating flor-art. Flor-art, like Fay Solais (su-lish) (Fairy Lights), Pluma, and Flora Faces, is digital art blooming from the natural color palette and textures of living “green things.” In creating flor-art, I forever cultivate my passion and nature.

Visit Hope at the below links to learn more about her, her art or to buy an artwork from her.


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