Yvan Salvi is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning artist based in Canada.

After a career as a set designer for stage productions and illustrator and graphic artist in Mexico, the Bahamas, and throughout Europe, he relocated to Canada where he, now, exclusively paints and sells his work to private art collectors.

Yvan's background in graphic design serves to highlight the realism of his paintings, while emphasizing the importance of details. His objective is to draw the spectator closer and into the actual painting, allowing those viewing it to wander within. His philosophy is that a painting represents a window into a suspension in time which, in turn, allows the observer to wander within.

Yvan won Best in Show in Fusion Art’s 8th Cityscapes Art Exhibition in February 2024 for his work, “Heritage”.

Yvan Salvi Artist Biography

Born in France, Yvan studied fine art and design at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts de Nancy. In 1998 Canada became his permanent residence.

His earlier works center on the use of acrylic and airbrush, while more recent paintings focus predominantly on the use of oil as his medium.

His past experience in stone work and carpentry accentuated his passion for historic structures and monuments. The craftsmanship, patina and history inspires many of his pieces to be focused on urban landscapes that surround us in everyday life.

He has held individual and group exhibits and showings in Canada, France, Luxembourg and Germany. Of the many accolades he has received, of which all hold special importance, his most prized possession was an award given by Madam Mienne Picasso.

Yvan Salvi Artist Statement

Best in Show winning artwork, “Heritage,” is a view of King Street in Toronto, Canada, home to some of this city’s most iconic and diverse shops, restaurants and art displays.

In the painting, I endeavor to encompass the different layers and history that combine to shape a large metropolis. From the older brick buildings in the foreground, to the streetcars or trams that are symbolic to the city, to the tall skyscrapers seeming to vanish into the clouds; they take you on a journey from the intimate to the grand.

As in all my works of art, depiction of light is extremely important. Bright or subdued, it creates both depth and mood. The details in the work draw the observer into the painting. There they can discover the minutiae of the scene and wander within the finer points in the composition of each of my creations. 

Visit Yvan at the below links to learn more about him, his art and to buy an artwork from him.

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