Zach Gastley is an award-winning illustrator and street artist based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. What started as a way for Zach to meditate and process his emotions has turned it one of his favorite ways to connect with people.

Zach’s art is very personal to him – often, it reflects some particular emotion or situation happening in his life. However, he tries not to make that too apparent in the hope that viewers will make their own connections.

According to Zach, “A victory for me is when someone connects with my art and describes something I have not yet seen or thought about.”

Zach is a member of the MUTINY ARTWRX artist collective studio village in MET Atlanta, which is a community of entrepreneurs, artisans, agencies, and innovators who share one passion: to make something that truly matters.

Zach Gastley Artist Biography

An Atlanta-born street artist, Zach has been making art his whole life with the intent to emphasize the beauty within randomness, using abstract art to explore the concepts around how we perceive and add value to natural forms. Staying true to his roots in graffiti, Zach likes to make his pieces pop with bright and attractive colors to draw you into the more complex part of the work within.

Zach Gastley Artist Statement

The series "The Little Days" aims to capture and elaborate on the chaotic nature of life itself. Familiar shapes and forms are embedded within complex foregrounds. These familiar shapes represent the comfortable, while the loud, noisy geometry represents the nature around us, the unknown.

Visit Zach at the below links to learn more about him, his art and to buy or commission an artwork from him.

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